Acceptable Products

2020-05-24| CG Wardrobe

The Cloth Weaver Market is primarily for ‘cloth’ related products. It also serves as a ‘wardrobe’ of garments and accessories for 3D characters.

The following are an example of acceptable items:

  • Accessories – hats, shoes, purses, book bags, glasses, etc…
  • Clothing – shirts, pants, socks, lingerie, etc…
  • Fabrics – pillows, blankets, towels, etc…
  • Shaders/Materials and Textures – fabric image textures and shaders…
  • Characters – humans, humanoids or characters that can be clothed.

Points to consider when choosing a product to sell

The following are points to consider when choosing a product to list

  • Items currently in demand
  • Items that are complex or too tedious to create manually. (IE: shoes, detailed clothes, shaders/textures, etc.)
  • Commons items needed for most projects. (IE: shoes, bags, coats, suits, shaders/textures, etc.)
  • Unique/Specific items (IE: Costumes, Countries, Cultures, Regions, Time Eras, etc.)
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