Vendor FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

2020-06-30| CG Wardrobe

How do I contact my customers regarding a product update?

We will send out weekly emails of updated products. Please email us with a brief paragraph of the update details.

How do I export my Cloth Weaver models for CG Wardrobe?

Please refer to our documentation here or video tutorial

How often do I get paid?

We send payouts during the first seven (7) days of every month.

How much do I get paid?

Vendors who choose PayPal will receive a 80% commission on all products sold. Vendors who choose Crypto Currency will receive a 90% commission.

How are refunds handled?

If a customer requests a refund on your product, we will send the refund from our account. We will put a hold on your future payouts until that debt (refund) has been paid.

When will my products be approved?

We manually review all products that are submitted. Expect 3-5 business days for your product to be approved or rejected.

What happens if my product is rejected?

Rejected products usually contain assets that are copyrighted or not available for resale. Sometimes this happens accidently if your product uses textures that were purchased on other platforms. We will notify you that your product possibly contains such copyrighted content and will ask you to adjust the files.

Should we discover any viruses, malicious code or illegal imagery or secret messages, we will revoke your vendor status.

Can my vendor account be revoked?

Should we discover any viruses, malicious code or illegal imagery and content, we will revoke your vendor status and remove all of your products.

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