Vendors: Commission Payments

2021-08-15 |

All product prices on CG Wardrobe are based in USD (United States Dollar). Therefore, commission payments to vendors will be based in the USD exchange rate at the time of payout, not during the sale. Payouts occur during the first seven (7) days of every month. Depending on the current exchange rate at the time of payout, you may receive more or less of your chosen currency than anticipated. However, the USD value will always remain the same. *YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR PROVIDING YOUR ACCURATE PAYPAL INFORMATION and/or BITCOIN CASH ADDRESS TO RECEIVE PAYMENT.. Funds sent to a wrong account/address will not be reimbursed! Example Scenario: (data from 2021-5-14: 1 BCH/USD = $1,247 Bob wants to buy a product from Alice. The product is 5 USD. Alice chose to receive commission payments via Bitcoin Cash on her vendor profile. Bob pays the 5 USD and receives the download. 2021-6-1:…    read more 

Vendors: Taxes

2020-09-25 |

When selling products via our website, it is your personal responsibility to disclose your earnings to your relevant tax authority and you must ensure that you are paying the correct amount of tax. This is particularly relevant for users who are operating as a business. Please see our terms of service for more information.

Vendor FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

2020-06-30 |

How do I export my Cloth Weaver models for the Cloth Weaver Market? Please refer to our documentation here or video tutorial How do I contact my customers regarding a product update? We will send out weekly emails of updated products. Please email us with a brief paragraph of the update details. How often do I get paid? We send payouts during the first 7 days of every month. How much do I get paid? Vendors receive 75% commission on all products sold. We cover all fees charged by our payment processor. How are refunds handled? If a customer requests a refund on your product, we will send the refund from our account. We will put a hold on your future payouts until that debt (refund) has been paid. When will my products be approved? We manually review all products that are submitted. Expect 3-5 business days for your product…    read more 

Vendors: Building your Store Front

2020-06-30 |

Quality over quantity Having a store with a few high quality products will perform better than a store with many “so-so” products. Using eye-catching thumbnails for your products will greatly enhance visibility and make you stand out from the crowd. Add a Biography Adding a biography to your storefront can create more trust and overall appeal to your brand. The average is 5 sentences. Make use of Social Media Using social media platforms is a great way to keep your customers informed and engaged. Providing works-in-progress posts can build suspense to your newest release!

Vendors: How should I price my products?

2020-06-30 |

Here are some key points that may help in pricing your products. Remember to never sell yourself short. It might be tempting to dramatically lower your prices to increase sales. However, prices that are too low may be perceived as being cheap or low quality and could hurt your brand. Check other marketplaces for similar products. What is the quality of your product compared to others? Creating bundles/packs of the same type or similar items are a great way to increase sales. For example: 2 pillows $5 or 5 pillows for $10. Individual suit pieces: jacket, pants, or bundle. Lastly, put yourself in the consumer’s shoes. How much would you value your item and would you buy it?

Vendors: Tips for Creating Products

2020-05-24 |

The following are points to consider when choosing a product to list Items currently in demand Items that are complex or too tedious to create manually. (IE: shoes, detailed clothes, shaders/textures, etc.) Commons items needed for most projects. (IE: shoes, bags, coats, suits, shaders/textures, etc.) Unique/Specific items (IE: Costumes, Countries, Cultures, Regions, Time Eras, etc.) Grab their attention with a thumbnail Your first impression is everything. Designing your product thumbnail to grab your viewers attention is crucial. Avoid overly complicated and busy thumbnails, as too much detail can confuse the viewer. This photo should tell the viewer exactly what your product is about. Image Gallery We recommend having multiple images to show off your product and increase trust with buyers. Screenshots are extremely valuable. Viewers can get a feel for what they will be working with. Final renders are good for showing the full potential of the product. Detailed Descriptions…    read more