Tips for Creating Products

2020-05-24| CG Wardrobe

The following are points to consider when choosing a product to list

  • Items currently in demand
  • Items that are complex or too tedious to create manually. (IE: Characters, Plugins/Tools, shaders/textures, etc.)
  • Commons items needed for most projects. (IE: vegetation, nature items, urban assets, shoes, coats, suits, shaders/textures, etc.)
  • Unique/Specific items (IE: Characters, Costumes, Items based on Country, Culture, Time Eras, etc.)

Grab their attention with a thumbnail

Your first impression is everything. Designing your product thumbnail to grab your viewers attention is crucial.

Avoid overly complicated and busy thumbnails, as too much detail can confuse the viewer. This photo should tell the viewer exactly what your product is about.

Image Gallery

We recommend having multiple images to show off your product and increase trust with buyers. Screenshots are extremely valuable. Viewers can get a feel for what they will be working with. Final renders are good for showing the full potential of the product.

Detailed Descriptions

This is the time to really market and sell your product. Your description and images should demonstrate the potential of your product.

Your description should answer the viewer’s question, “How will this product help me?”

Simple Documentation

Learning how to install/setup and use the product should be explained in a way that is easy to understand. Documentation that is quite long can overwhelm users.

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